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Our Unique Approach

play learn play delivers a wide range of sector leading physical development and physical education programs for schools. We provide activities which develop physical literacy, promote healthy lifestyles and well-being, in an inclusive and safe learning environment. Our work is underpinned by our expertise in designing and delivering a progressive, dynamic and inclusive range of high intensity physical and sporting activities, ensuring that all learners are appropriately challenged, understand how to improve, and develop confidence and self-esteem through their achievements.

Additionally, we identify opportunities to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills through participation in physical activity. At play learn play we monitor each child’s progress,  and provide teachers, pupils and parents evidence of program performance and improvement in standards. We pride ourselves on the highest professional standards that underpin play learn play.  Our staff are: expert; caring; friendly; knowledgeable; professional; experienced; creative; understanding and flexible.

At play learn play we support the development of physically literate children by helping them to persevere in a range of different activity environments. We work in partnership with pupils, schools and parents, in order to develop and support the children’s physical literacy skills. Our work is sustainable, measurable and sector leading.


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