Sharon Mason

Sharon trained as a physical education teacher and taught in schools in Cardiff and her home authority, Rhondda Cynon Taff for 25 years as Head of Physical Education; Head of Creative Arts and PSE. She played representative sport and worked part-time as a youth leader developing opportunities for young people living in areas of high social and economic deprivation.

In 2000 she was appointed as an associate advisor for physical education for four local authorities – ESIS (Education and School Improvement Service) for 14 years and in April 2014 appointed to Caerphilly school improvement team before taking up the post of CEO for Play learn Play in February 2015.

Sharon is an experienced physical education specialist, providing practical, research- based, bespoke training to help embed sustained school improvements, pupils learning and achievement, quality teaching and leadership in and across all types of schools. Many of her research projects were concerned with pedagogy, curriculum development and management.

She is known for her provision of do-able advice and practical classroom techniques, her knowledge and understanding of schools and LAs, her responsive flexibility of approach and method. She has a wide experience of foundation phase to post 16.

She is also a National trainer for PESS (Physical Education and School Support) for a variety of physical activities; Multi-skill training- KS2; Play to learn in the foundation phase; Gymnastics- module 1-4; Creative movement in foundation phase; Dance KS2/KS3; ‘Making a splash’ – swimming in the foundation phase; Health fitness and well-being foundation phase to KS3; Coaching and mentoring; Inclusion modules and the use of ICT/Pads in physical education.

Sharon is passionate in her work in supporting the development of physically literate children by helping them to persevere in a range of different activity environments by working in partnership with all stakeholders.

Sharon’s work at play learn play will underpin the new state curriculum, which will launch in 2016 following the recommendations of Professor Donaldson’s review, and support teachers in its delivery.

Speaking about her lifelong passion for motivating and encouraging young people to enjoy taking part in physical activity, Sharon said:

“I have been privileged to work with some inspiring people throughout my career, and work on some key projects that have had a tangible impact on physical literacy. In particular, my time working alongside Judith Davies an adviser for physical education for ESIS (Education, support and improvement service) was fundamental to my own motivation and inspiration.”

“Judith was a pioneer who made such a positive difference to the health and well-being of countless young people through her work; I want to continue her legacy and push the boundaries of what is currently on offer, to truly embed physical literacy in Welsh schools, families and communities. I firmly believe this will help us to secure a healthier and more successful future for our children and our country.”



Huw Davies
Education Director

Huw has a wide range of experience in developing physical education (PE), physical activity, health and wellbeing with primary school children; he is particularly interested in environmental factors that impact upon physical activity and childhood obesity.

Huw has worked in education for over thirty years. His experience includes: primary school teaching; initial teacher education (ITE); research, and school inspections for both Ofsted and Estyn. Between 1999 and 2013, Huw worked as a Senior Lecturer in PE at the University of the West of England, (UWE), Bristol, where he taught on both the ITE undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

Huw is the founder and Managing Director of Physical Education Primary Ltd., through which he continues to develop teaching and learning resources for PE in primary schools. He is also advancing his knowledge of the connection between children’s physical activity and cognitive development.


David Davies

07831 618 771 

David Davies
Executive Chairman

David is a qualified solicitor who ceased practicing law in 1991 to pursue other business interests. Since leaving the legal profession he has been engaged in a number of successful commercial ventures at director/investor level in the packaging, property, leisure and education sectors.

David retired from full time employment in 2010 to study for a degree in psychotherapy. He is also active in different charities in South Wales, including: the Treatment and Education Drug Services (TEDS), cancer support and Mind. He is also a non-executive director with GEL Limited (the Social Enterprise arm of Gofal),

David has recently been appointed as Chairman of Physical Education Primary Limited, having joined the business in 2011 as a director.

David and his family have always had a passion for sport and education. He played rugby, soccer, athletics and badminton and now plays golf, when time permits. He has four children, one of whom is a current Welsh Hockey International and five grandchildren of primary school years.

PE and sport have helped define David’s life values and ethics. He believes that early and continued exposure to physical activity helps to shape children’s lives and serves to provide them with lifelong health and wellbeing. He also believes that participation in sport transcends gender, race, disabilities and social strata, thus providing and underpinning career opportunities for all.



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