Literacy and Numeracy intervention programmes: Testimonials from St Woolos Primary School, Newport.

play learn play have received extremely positive feedback from the staff and children at St Woolos Primary School in Newport about the literacy and numeracy intervention programmes delivered through physical activity at their school.

Here is a selection of the amazing feedback below.

“Can I just say thank you on behalf of all the staff at St Woolos for the brilliant sessions that you have provided. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Sally Couch, Deputy Head Teacher

A teaching assistant in Reception commented that some children who are withdrawn in class and rarely engage with adults, were very animated in the session and interacted enthusiastically with Lauren and Steve.

A Year 3/4 teacher noted that a boy who often finds it difficult when working with others, did particularly well in a team during one of the sessions.

The Year 5 teacher observed that some boys who participate reluctantly in PE sessions, even with the rugby coach, were really enthusiastic during the play learn play session.

And the children at St Woolos said…

“I love play learn play because we learned sums and we did spelling and the secret best word was FUN.”
Year 4 pupil 

“It was fun because we did the relay race. It was against ourselves and we were learning at the same time.”
Year 5 pupil

“I liked learning the new words, like lactic acid and cardiovascular.”
Year 5 pupil

“The best thing about play learn play was that we did fitness that was so much fun while learning about parts of our body.”
Year 5 pupil

“During play learn play, I learnt that when you exercise you start to ache. The thing that makes you ache is called lactic acid. I enjoyed the stations where you had to do different activities and you had to pick up cones, blue or red to say what you were working in your body. The red was for cardiovascular and the blue for lactic acid.”
Year 6 pupil

“When we did play learn play, I learnt a lot about cardiovascular and lactic acid. What I found fun was how they combined fun and learning, because it was fun and you were finding out new things.”
Year 6 pupil

“The thing that I enjoyed the most was the rugby activity, because we got to play some really fun games which were some of the best games in the world!”
Year 5 girl

“I learnt that teammates supporting me was making me more confident and made me win the race.”
Year 5 boy

“I really enjoy when play learn play come to teach us new games. My favourite game is the blindfold game. Someone has to have a blindfold on and the other person has to lead them.”
Year 2 pupil

“In play learn play when you are about to exercise you have to warm up so you don’t pull a muscle, and also you have to communicate.”
Year 2 pupil

“We learned some warm ups and stretching. Warm ups are important because you can hurt your muscles. I learned to work as a team and work together.”
Year 2 pupil

“I really enjoyed play learn play because we do fun activities that makes us do exercises.”
Year 2 pupil